Don’t waste time tracking your time!

  • How much time do you spend on tracking your time?
  • Are you concerned that some billable time never gets recorded and billed?
  • Are you buried in post-it notes, Excel sheets and outlook tasks to record your billable time?
  • Are you fighting with complex, bloated software?

It's time to change tactics!

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Our aim is to make billing and recording time as easy as 1-2-3 and free your time to focus on what really matters: billable time. By giving you the option to use UTBMS activity, timekeeping and expense codes, including J-codes you will know that you are not only billing faster but billing more accurately. And happy customers means increased repeat and referral business.

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Easily identify what time you need to bill, add any expenses due to be billed and create your invoice. You can export this in a clean pdf document that you can afterwards send to your clients. Moreover you can choose to export the summary version or the detailed version of the invoice, making it easier for you to present your client with the information they want or need. LawyerTime allows you to easily use standard ABA UTBMS codes to record time, activity type or expenses. To you this means an easy way to follow industry best practices and reduce block billing, which is often criticised by the courts in fee cases.

Have you ever wondered how much time you are not recording and therefore not billing each month? Studies show that you are likely missing on 8 hours/month per timekeeper! So if you have 5 timekeepers in your firm that’s 40 hours per month you are not billing. Assuming you charge a conservative £150/hour, that’s £6,000 missed billing each month! Needless to say that using our efficient time recording software pays for itself!

Simplify your routine, no-billable tasks so that you have more time to focus on your clients. Unlike with other competitor software, the learning curve for LawyerTime is minimal. Add your clients, add your matters and start tracking time. We’ve done our research and we have only incorporated in our software features that timekeepers actually use. This means that you don’t have screen after screen to click through and wonder what purpose they serve , instead you can just easily track your time and prepare your bills with LawyerTime

By using ABA UTMBS or J-codes you are able to show your clients down to a granular level (should you wish so) the activities and tasks they have been invoiced for. Studies show that clients who have visibility into how they are being billed are more likely to return and to recommend your business. By using best practice standards you will also have the peace of mind that you are running a compliant practice.